• What is an intrusion alarm system?

    It is an electronic device that warns of the presence of people in a specific perimeter. The most basic design of consists of at least three detectors, a control panel and a keyboard.

  • How does a detector work?

    The detector, of whatever type, identifies if there is a door or window opening, if there has been a glass breakage or if there are movements in a certain room. When a detector is triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel of that alarm system. In case the system is connected to a Monitoring station, also known as Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) the system sends the signals to the CRA by a fixed or a mobile communication line.

  • Why should we hire a certified company?

    By current regulations, fire protection, intrusion detection and general security installations can only be carried out by companies approved or register to operate as such. Otherwise, they could be sanctioned and even forced to remove the installation.

  • Is it useful to have the alarm system connected to a Monitoring Station?

    Yes, the utility begins with the dissuasive capacity of the posters that are installed outside of your business. Statistically the thefts in those properties that have alarm are lower than in those sites that do not have a security system. In cases in which, despite having an alarm, robberies occur, they are faster and occur with less damage, as the thieves know that the police can arrive at any moment.

  • Is the alarm system connected to the Police?

    NO, the systems are connected to monitoring Station or ARC but before an alarm is triggered, according to the new security regulations, and after verifying the veracity of the signal and in the case of an intrusion, the operators will notify the police. Only a certified security company can call the Police after verifying an alarm signal from a connected installation.

  • What is "IP" technology?

    IP is the most common communication protocol. IP is the literal translation of the Internet Protocol and it is the technology on which the Internet, email and practically all the new data communication networks are based. IP technology can be implemented in voice and data communications, through IP phone and in image communications, through the IP digital recorder or the IP camera, whose main application is video surveillance and security. IP video allows images captured and recorded by cameras to arrive in real time simultaneously.

  • Can cameras record public areas?

    Cameras installed in private spaces cannot obtain images of public spaces. However, partial and limited images of public roads could be taken when it is essential for the intended purpose of surveillance, or it is technically impossible to avoid it. The taking of images of public places should be limited to what is strictly necessary, applying in all cases the principle of proportionality set out in the Private Security Regulation.

  • is the installation of hidden security cameras legal?

    If we comply with the "duty to inform" of the presence of surveillance cameras referred to by L.O.P.D. One or several cameras of the video surveillance system may be kept "hidden" from the view of the user and comply with regulations provided that their installation corresponds to a specific purpose.

  • Can I see my home or business from my mobile?

    Of course YES, you can see your home or business from anywhere in the world and with any operating system.

  • What is GPS?

    GPS corresponds to "Global Positioning System". It is a radio navigation system based on satellite communication that determines its exact position anywhere in the world.

  • What do I have to do when I have noticed the disappearance of my vehicle?

    File a complaint with the State Security Forces and Bodies. Call the Monitoring Station to start the protocol of action against vehicle theft.

  • Can my vehicle be tracked by other people?

    NO, access to information about your vehicles is only possible through the use of your username and password.

  • What services can I hire with an alarm?

    Within the basic services although the most relevant, is the connection with Monitoring Station, which allows the verification of the alarm signals with the consequent notice to Police if necessary, and on the other hand, the maintenance of the equipment, mandatory service in case of being connected to a monitoring station.

  • What are the zones?

    When speaking of an alarm trigger in an area, it means that one of the detectors located in the installation has detected movement in that area. A zone is associated to one detector of any kind.